Instead of trying to make relationships perfect, we need to make them more loving.

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He was always very proud of his son. He always said that he was a perfect son. His son, always studied hard, making his parents proud. Got admission in best college, then a very good job. Always called back home, respected everyone in the family. No one could have asked for a better son. But then his son chose his own life partner in the college, and he stopped talking to him. Infact, he asked his son to move out. Where was the love? His son, tried contacting him many times and kept trying and he did not buzz. Finally, when his wife or son’s mother fell very sick and the only thing she asked was to meet her son. The gentleman called up his son at home. The son was still same. The father looked at him and said that I was trying to make you a perfect man. The son told him this time, I did everything to meet your expectations but I could not do this. I loved someone and I wanted to be with that person. If I would not have done this, I would have resented you for my entire life. The mother told both of them that if you would have worked on loving each other more rather than trying to make everything perfect, our family would have been together.

She always fought with her husband. They were married for 5 years and had one son. She had an image of perfect relationship, a perfect husband and a perfect everything else. Initially, her husband also appreciated her willingness to be perfect and he took it as an opportunity to become better and improve. However, everyday it started becoming as an exercise of criticism. He started living under the fear what if she would feel bad, what if she would say something. He lost his confidence and their relationship started falling apart. People did say, they are a perfect couple but in reality, there was no relationship left. He started avoiding her.

There is nothing called as perfect. Everyone creates own definition of being perfect and a perfect world. But for someone else, this definition will be different. Relationships need to be more loving so that people in those relationships are comfortable and happy. We need to accept each other the way we are, we need to share, we need to give space to each other to share and be who they are, we need to learn to motivate each other, we need to support each other emotionally and mentally, we need to be there for each other. We need to hold loving intentions for each other and see them as a part of us.

A perfect relationship is not what world would tell you, it is a loving relationship.

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