Be there for your children and be there for your parents.

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Few things in life need to be done to get it right and they are not an option. Problems happen when we consider them as an option. Like being there for children when they grow up. It is not an option. We have to be there. If we are not there for them, they grow up most of the time unhappy, emotionally weak, less confident, and may be very aggressive children. Similarly, we need to be there for our parents too. We cannot assume that they are capable and independent and they do not need us. They need us. Initially maybe more emotionally and then later on physically too.

So many times, I have met parents who regret not taking care of their children and being busy with their own work and then feeling the lack of communication and love when they grow up. Everything does not come from DNA, everything does not come on it’s own. Things need to be nurtured and cultivated. Just by telling them that they shall respect their elders, they will not start on their own. They need to be nurtured with love, they will start trusting their parents and then the respect will grow. Few years back, I may be of different opinion, but I do feel, all the small kids shall stay with parents. Its nature’s requirement. All the species nurture their children themselves. One or other parent is there. They leave their children, when the offspring grows up. We also need to be there with our children when they are growing up. Till the time they develop own wings. We need to hear their concerns. We need to help them in solving problems. We need to help them in understanding.

Similarly, for our parents. Because they have always given us support in every way. We forget that they also need support from us. We have to be there for them. We have to appreciate their presence. We have to be there with them with love. It is not an option. it is a necessity. It is not about karma. It is about something which has to be done irrespective of everything else. Life will be what we will make of it. Being with parents is a necessity of own soul. Taking care of them is a necessity. If we do not do that, we will be making our own soul-sick.

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