If your heart is not into it with love, you will never do it right.

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Every time, she did something for her husband, they ended up having a fight. She wondered why! Whenever she did something, she did with a resistance. She felt that she was forced to do something as others had asked. She really did not feel like doing something because of their scarred relationship. She did everything with anger and she received anger in return.

He hated his job. he hated it further because he faced lots of criticism every day there. He felt like he just could not do it right. He could grow in the job and get a promotion, only after he started feeling grateful and happy about his job. earlier he was taking it as something which was depending on him and then he started seeing it as something which was nourishing him.

His mother wanted him to play guitar and and he wanted to sketch. His teacher would scold him, he faced humiliation in the class many times and he became an unhappy child. He learned to smile only when he was allowed in the art class. There he felt like himself.

Whatever you do, do it with love. We receive what we give. It is not about money. It is about the energy. The energy we are adding into it. If we add the energy of love, we are giving love and we receive back love. If we are adding the energy of resistance, we will create a chain of energy which is full of resistance. Which means, it will start blocking things and the end result will never be right.

So if you are doing something, do it with love and everything will be full of love. You will be supported back with love.

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