Gratitude, forgiveness, love and compassion, are not tools but the way of living.

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His business was not working. He was going through a bad phase. So he called up to ask what could be done to make things better. I asked him what are you looking for? HE said, I am following Gratitude. I was little rattled with the statement. I asked him, what do you mean by that? He said someone told me, gratitude brings abundance and love, so I am following that. Ok, how are you following that? I say thank you to God. Which is God but are you thankful to God? What do you mean? Let’s say, you have a child and a friend brings chocolate for your child. You would say to your child, say thank you. But does the child really feel grateful? That someone has put in the effort to go and buy something to make him smile?

See Gratitude brings abundance. Yes. Because the energy which we send out brings the new energy. So when we feel grateful, we feel abundant. We realize how much we have. How much God has been doing for us. If we start looking at what’s already there and what’s being done, then we have no more complaints and then real transformation happens.

Similarly, forgiveness, compassion love and everything else. We need to follow them. We need to think the way we shall be thinking for own evolution, for own peace for own transformation, for self realization. To know who we really are. How would we know who we really are by following these? One gentleman was very peaceful until his brother cheated him in business. He became revengeful and forgot how he used to be. HE started doing things to take revenge. After few years, he sat and cried and said that, this is not me. He felt like moving on. He started forgiving himself and his brother. After that he became so peaceful. He was loving and peaceful towards everyone then. HE felt like this was real him. BUt this was buried under hatred and anger. So forgiveness, compassion, love all these are a way of living for own. They are not the tools to achieve something but a way of living. To make us better. To make us realize who we are. To make us a better person. And believe me it’s a process.

Be your lovingself.

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