If your heart says it’s not right, then it’s not.

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She met someone and he swept her away. It looked like a story straight from a fairy tale. However, when they decided to get married, she started having cold feet. Her mother asked what happened. She said that she was scared. She was feeling that something was not right. Her mother tried convincing her that it was just normal jitters but she did not agree. She tried finding out and many things tumbled out. The guy was married and there was a divorce case in court. He gave an explanation saying that they were not living together for many years. It was not about the case. It was about the lie. He should have shared. After that, it’s her decision to continue or not. She called off the wedding saying she could not trust.

He was about to buy a house. The deal looked very lucrative. However, he kept ignoring the little voice inside himself thinking it was just the fear as the deal was just too good to be true. He signed the papers and made the deal. He became a victim of fraud and lost all his savings.

Energy talks. We all are a part of this energy. This is an energy system. We receive this communication in the form of intuition or that small feeling in the heart. The more we talk to it, the more we hear from it. This energy communicates truth without judging. We need to listen to it and understand it. If we ignore it, then it stops. If our heart says, it isn’t right then it’s not. May there are facts which we do not know yet! But this energy is irrespective of time and space. It is there inside everything and everyone. This energy talks.

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