If you are not kind and you do not have compassion, everything else is wasted.

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He studied at Harvard and got a job with one of the best firms in the world. He was at a senior level and was very controlling. He was succeeding as he was achieving all the targets. Still, the company asked him to leave. Because there were a lot of behavioral complaints against him. He was rude to juniors. If anyone did not obey he would blast them. He was fired!

She was born with a silver spoon. Her father was an industrialist. She got married to another industrialist. She grew up with a thought process that everyone has to obey her as she was paying them. Well, why should everyone? People are working and everyone wants to love and respect. So often they would quit and she would end up doing all her domestic chores herself.

Does not matter the education, does not matter the money, everything is wasted if you are not kind. Being kind, loving, and treating everyone with kindness and compassion, is the first requirement of being a human. If we are not kind, we haven’t learned anything.

Learn to understand others’ emotions. Learn to understand others’ pain. Learn to help them. Learn to listen to people. Learn to understand when someone does not share. Learn to know when someone is in pain. have a compassionate heart.

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