Keep it positive. A positive mind creates a positive life.

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She was just 8 years old and caught the fever. She was not recovering. No medicine was working and the doctors were surprised. All the tests were normal. One day, her mother sat by her bedside and started crying. (I guess the mothers are best at expressing pain with tears). The child asked, why are you crying? The mother said that her child was in pain and that’s why! The child said, please do not cry. The child said that she was scared. Why are you scared? What if I do not make you proud? You guys do so much for me. I am unable to do anything. The mother was surprised and asked her, who told you this? The child said that her friend. The mother said that right now, it was her age to play and be carefree. It was their time to nurture her. When she grows up, she can do her part. The child said that she was scared of growing up as she will have to do many things. The mother got the point. The child was scared of growing up. The mother told her, that we all grow up and we all have to do good things and those good things create a good life. Instead of being scared, we need to think good and do good. The child understood a few things and the child was happier. Slowly she started improving. She also started focusing on having a healthy mind and body.

A negative thought process can never help. A positive thought process helps. Keep it positive. Have a good and positive life.

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