Being honest is the best gift we can offer to anyone.

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One 60 years old lady contacted. She shared that she wanted a divorce. She had been married for 40 years. I wondered what made her feel like this. She shared that she could not trust her husband because he lies and manipulates a lot. All the time she wonders if he was speaking truth and what is the truth. That unsettled feeling caused a lot of fights and she could never feel peaceful. She waited for the kids to get married and once the kids were settled, she left her 40 years of marriage.

He was very honest in everything he did. He started his business from zero and when he met his mentor, he liked the first thing, his honesty. His mentor realized that he was honest and hardworking, and he kept growing in the business. He worked hard and his mentor kept teaching him. And he reached a point where people only dream of, and he gave most of the credit to his honesty.

He gave false commitments in business. He promised them a lot of things and then he would not fulfil them. Everyone would start business with him but would end the relationship in a few months. THey all said one thing that they could not rely on him. He had to change his business ethics to honesty to stablize his business.

Any relationship is based on love, trust and respect. Without honesty, nothing can sustain. So we need be very genuine in whatever we are doing and saying. We need to mean, what we are saying. When we are genuine, our energy is honest. If we think people or others would not know when we are lying, then we are lying to ourselves. Our energy speaks before us. If we speak truth, the energy speaks that and the other person can sense it. When we are not genuine, our energy is weak, and the other person can sense it too. Even a child can sense it. So be genuine, be honest, it is imperative for the long life of any relationship. Be it personal or professional.

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