If you want to empower yourself, focus on your life instead of others.

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She was jealous, threatened, insecure. She said that I feel so weak. I wonder if I can rise again and no, if she kept thinking and feeling like this. She wondered how she could feel stronger.

When she woke up, she looked at her sister and thought, her parents loved her sister more because her sister achieved more.

When she went to office, she looked at her colleague, she felt that her colleague was more intelligent and hardworking and that’s why she would be promoted first.

When she went home, (She was married, she felt that her sister-in-law was smarter, earned more and everyone appreciated her sister in law more. So she also planned a few things to bring her down and she succeeded sometimes.

So I asked her, in all her stories, where was she? In every story, she talked about someone else. She is focused on someone else and their achievement. But she is not focused on herself. She is not focused on improving her life. She was jealous of her sister, she was jealous of her colleague. She was insecure. She was insecure as a wife. But where did she think, how could she improve her relationship with her husband, how she could work better at office or how she could improve her relationship with her parents. She was thinking about others and fighting with the people who were important to her.

So what did she have to do?

She had to start focusing on herself and how she could do better. How she could improve her relationships and how she could be better as a person. We get the answer for the question we ask. This is how our mind works and this is how we start or trigger patterns. I did not have to do anything, she had to shift her thought process. She started asking herself different questions. instead of asking why my parents love my sister more, she asked how she could improve her relationship with her parents. How she could improve it with her husband rather than, why her sister-in-law was stronger. When she was thinking about others, she was giving them power, and she was feeling weak. But when she started focusing on herself, she improved, and she empowered herself. Within a few months, she could feel the shift in herself and her life.

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