Having an opportunity to help someone is an opportunity to do something better in life.

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My daughter asks me, why do we need to help someone? I definitely did not want to tell her “Tum ek paisa doge, wo das lakh dega” Something which we all were told. This may be right but doing the right thing is more important than doing good for something which we expected. So I told her, It’s God’s way of helping us. When we help someone, how does God helps us? Well, let’s see, how do you feel, when you help your sister? How do you feel when you do not help her? In which scenario, do you come and tell me? When you have helped her or when you have not helped her? You feel happy and proud when you help her. You come and tell me, Maa, I helped her today! Because you know, you did the right thing.

How do we become better? Because we learn to be happy. We learn humility. We learn how do we feel when we do not help. We learn compassion. We learn to go closer to God.

What if we do not help someone Maa? Well, we miss out on an opportunity to be better human beings. This life is a journey. It’s a journey to discover who we are. It’s a journey to do something better in life. It’s a journey to discover that divine presence inside us. When we help someone, we take a step ahead in that journey. When we do not, we may step back or we may stay there. It’s our duty to make an effort to grow in every aspect. Internally and externally. When we help someone, it helps us to grow internally as a person.

Ok, maa, I got it. I want to help!

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