Growing plants and living in harmony with nature is our necessity. Without that slowly our bodies deteriorate.

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My twin girls were born premature. They were week and had very low immunity. Doctors told me not to take them out for one year to protect them. If they met anyone, they would fall sick. If I would goto my mother’s place, they would fall sick and every time they would be on antibiotics. I was scared. What would happen to them. Then I started researching and realized, if they will not be taken out in sunlight and if they will not have opportunity to play with mother earth, they will never develop immunity. I discarded their pram as they had started walking slowly and I would put them on ground. They had just started walking, so they wanted to discover the land. They would play in mud, they would walk in heat, three times a day I would take them out for a walk. Whether it was sunny or coldest of delhi winters, they were playing outside. They built stamina and they built immunity. I switched to a lot of natural foods like fresh juices and dry fruits and most of the home cooked food. They took almost a year to develop immunity and in last 2.5 years, if I can recall, they have fallen sick only once. Thank you God, for watching them and protecting them.

Why am I sharing this example now? Because we need this immunity in Covid times. I get calls from people, who tell me that they have not stepped out of home in last two years or barely stepped out. We are not designed to be in isolation. We are designed to be with each other and with the five elements of Earth. They need to be replenished and they heal us. There are so many researches which say that people who live in bio diversified environment have better immunity. When we stay only indoors (May be out of the fear of getting infected) we are harming our mind and body more.

Please step out in nature. Please breathe in fresh air. Please take sunlight. Please walk on the grass. Please let your hands get dirty. If plants cannot survive without fresh air and sunlight, how can we survive? If we really want to protect ourselves, we need to be in nature. If we want to be safe, we need to be with nature. Whatever bodily changes we need, nature will provide those to us and protect us.

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