If you don’t want someone to trouble you, get him out of your thoughts. That place shall only be for loved ones.

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She hated her mother in law so much that even after she no longer lived with her, she kept fighting with her husband because of her. He kept telling her, let’s move on in life. She slipped into depression and she wondered why it was happening to her.

He hated his friend a lot. They had started a business together and his friend got involved with his wife. he used to be away for work and the friend used to visit home for various reasons. They were best friends, so he never doubted him. He really wanted to destroy his friend and he started working out on a plan for that. But he met an accident and then he slipped into depression. He wondered why it was happening to him.

There are so many scenarios in which people keep thinking about someone whom they hate most and then they keep suffering more in life.

Now, here are few questions:

Whom are you thinking about most?

What are you thinking about most? (Pain and the way you suffered)

Is it helping you to be better or is it increasing your suffering?

Our thoughts are creating our reality. Whatever is there in thoughts, start gaining energy from us and starts happening. So if we have more space for hatred, then hatred would start happening more. It will start costing us our health also. Because our bodies, our soul, our mind is designed to love. If they start getting negative feed, they will start going into negative, In the beginning we may not find out, but gradually, it will cost us our health.

Thoughts is a place, where we create our lives. So we shall give that place to the people we love. We shall give that place to the things we really want in our lives. If we start giving that place to someone, we hate, where would be the place for the people we love. Moreover, we are thinking of those people again and again, because we are unable to let go off the pain, we have received because of them. But we need to know, it is only increasing our pain. It is not helping us anywhere. It is like there is a wound and we keep cutting it more hoping it will get better. It will never get better like this.

So what is the option?

Let go! Forgive! Focus on blessing! Focus on your loved ones! Do not decide their Karma in your mind and wait for that. let God and Universe do their jobs.

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