Life is like a cup. You can only drink what you have added to it. Add love, honesty, hard work, kindness.

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One gentleman asked why his brother has everything in life and he does not have anything. His brother’s business is flourishing, his children are well settled, he has a good relationship with his wife and everyone respects him in the city. As per him, they both belonged to the same family but no one wanted his advise, his children did not respect him, he had an estranged relationship with his wife and he had to ask money from his uncle to run his family. Why someone has everything and one had nothing.

They both started out together. They both had the same value system and similar resources. He became friends with a few guys who trained him to drink and treat his wife badly. They always told him, why do you need to work, you have so much money. So he did not care about learning business. He would drink and treat his wife badly. His wife left him and children did not respect him. ON the other hand, his brother actually never had any friends. He always focused on family and work. He trained his two sons also on business. He always respected his wife and treated her well. So in turn she also stood by his side always. He always helped all the laborers in his life and they also worked hard for him, which brought the better results in the production. His brother worked hard in his life and on his life. This gentleman focused on enjoying life and he did have fun. But then, he forgot to add what he wanted from life, in the cup.

Sometimes, i am asked this question, that what’s wrong in having fun. YEs, nothing wrong. What’s wrong in drinking? What’s wrong in having lot’s of friends and then spending time with them.

Nothing wrong. if we look at everything in isolation. But now, let me ask you this, what’s wrong in eating Pizza. What’s wrong in having drugs. What’s wrong in having Cholay bhature everyday. Nothing wrong and they do taste good. When we eat them, we do feel happy. But we cannot eat or take them everyday. because they are bad for health. If we would eat them everyday, it would spoil our health. If we really want to be healthy, we need to work hard on health, like eat healthy, sleep well, exercise, take fresh air etc. Similarly, if we want to have a healthy life, we need to take healthy steps. Spend time and energy on the relationships which really matter, work hard at job or in business, work on the health and help others too. Then only, we will be able to create a good life. It’s like a cup, what ever you would add to it, you will drink. It’s like if you want to drink coffee, you need to add coffee to it first.

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