When we go through the pain we also learn to be happy and grateful. Let pain be the teacher.


A few years back, I met a gentleman. He was ever smiling. It was so beautiful to sit with him. He was old and he could not walk properly. He was rich and he had money. Everyone said that he was rich and that’s why he was happy. He smiled and said I am happy and that’s why I am rich.

He was born absolutely normal and he was born poor. They did not have enough money to buy food. He started working at the tender age of 13. He belonged to a coastal area. He started working with a shipping yard and he learned everything about the business. Life gave him an opportunity to travel and he met an accident. He recovered but he could not walk properly. As he kept meeting people, he created a good network, and then he started his own shipping transport company. There he started earning money. He had traveled his own journey and he was happy for all the hardships. He shared that it had made him a better person. He was grateful and happy because of what all he had gone through.

HE shared that his pain taught him. His pain pushed him to work hard. If there would not have been any pain, he would not have pushed himself to get out of that pain. his pain taught him to see that all good was there in life. His pain also taught him how bad things can be and how good they are. He learned to be happy and grateful.

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