Have faith, something good must be there in whatever you are going through.

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I met a lady a few days back. She discussed her experience. She has immense faith in God, and she always believes that he will protect her from everything or she is protected because he is there. Our faith guides us. So she found a lump in her breast and she reached to a doctor for the check up. The doctor asked her to get it removed. Somehow, the doctor hadn’t done complete diagnosis. The day was supposed to have her surgery, she got viral infection and it was postponed. In the mean while she felt sad as she felt that her treatment was getting delayed. Her father consoled her saying, have faith, something good must be there. So she discussed everything with her friend and her friend put in touch with her own known doctor friend. And it turned out that she did not need surgery after all.

We all go through some challenges in life. Some times are more trying then other times.

But one thing I have always seen is, our faith in him protects us. And we need to do the kind and right things always. If we do wrong and we expect good to happen to us, it would not. Keep doing good, keep having faith and whatever is happening, turns out to be in your higher good.

I remember a story. An angel passed through two houses with his junior angel. The first one was rich but a bad human being. The angel sealed a hole in his wall. The scond one was of a poor but very kind and genuine person. The angel killed his animals. The junior angel got surprised and asked why did he help the rich one and troubled the poor one. The angel replied that the rich one would have found a treasure from that wall and would have done further bad things. So when I sealed his wall, I protected him from doing further bad. And if I would not have killed the animals of the poor ones, his wife would have died. He can buy new animals but how would he replace his partner.

So sometimes, whatever is happening is happening in the higher good of everyone. Have faith.

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