Have an honest intention of doing everything with love and you will never have to doubt yourself.

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He is just 20 years old, and he is doubting everything he is doing. His parents wondered, how he would manage his life. Does not matter, what lead to this. Sometimes it’s our experiences which bring out such behavior. They wanted him to go out of the country but they wondered if he would be able to manage.

I asked him, what did he feel when he wanted to do something or when he wanted to talk. He shared that, he always thought that his any action might hurt someone, might make anyone angry and to avoid that he stopped talking on many occasions but eventually that started happening on everything. So he started practicing, his intentions. He would always set an intention that he would speak with honesty and love. He would want to solve everything with love rather than just getting into the argument. Within one year, he was able to handle everything with such a confidence because he knew he was honest, and he was following love. After that if someone has some other intentions, it is not his control. What he can control is his own intentions and behavior.

He wondered if he could do any business. He was scared of dealing with dishonest people. He wanted to join his fathers business at the age of 28, but he was scared of dishonest dealings. But getting into a job also could have meant the same thing. But then he joined trusting his own intentions. He also could not control someone else but how he worked, he could manage that. He realized, eventually everything started falling into place. People trusted his words like a law. Because they knew he was honest. He also found more and more genuine people who joined him. He always focused on working honestly and handling everything with love.

Whenever someone has an issue, and they call up to discuss that, I always ask them to have an intention “God, please solve everything with love in the highest interest of everyone”. Whether it’s with a partner, business or any other problem in life. It starts solving everything miraculously. When you will start solving everything with love, you will never have to doubt yourself about messing up the things or hurting someone or doing anything wrong. Your intentions will guide you and will always take you in the right direction.

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  1. This is such a beautiful short paragraph. Reading your daily words of wisdom bring me joy and optimism. Love is SO powerful, indeed. Realigning to it and acting out of it will help you get through most and all things of life. 💖

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