True healing happens when you focus on divine and perfect health.

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Q: Are you a healer?


Q: Am I a healer?


Can everyone else be a healer?


Q: How?

We are a part of this eternal Universe. We are made in the reflection of God himself. Our true spirit is connected with God. We all have the properties, which any divine part of the Universe will have, if we explore it. We all heal subconsciously, which we do not realize. For example, when you get pricked and you have small drop of blood on that, you take your finger in your mouth and it gets healed. Our saliva is healing. When we have a little injury, we start rubbing that part, we feel better. By rubbing we just gave energy to that part. That’s healing. WE all have those properties.

Q: Can we heal anything?

Yes, we can heal, money, relationship, health, anything. It’s all a part of energy.

Q: Then why are we suffering and not healing?

Because we focus on the unhealthy situation. Rather than focusing on the divine and perfect health.

How do we do that?

If you have a relationship problem, start focusing on the good things in the relationship, how happy you have been and how happy you could be and how happy you will be rather than the problem area. THe same thing goes for money and health. Start focusing on the divine and perfect health. If you are unable to focus, write it and see the shift yourself.

Have a happy, healthy, divine life.

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