The one who holds the hand of truth will reach there, one who leaves truth behind will never make it.

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At the age of 26, he started a business. Everyone started considering him a very big businessman. But after 2 years, he lost respect and business. He was lying to the customers and at that time, they bought from him, but when it came out, they started complaining. They stopped referring further and the new customers also stopped coming. His business reached on the point of closing. He started crying in front of his father and his father guided him. his father told him that he had warned him about lying to the customers, but he did not listen, saying, these are old school thoughts. It’s all about money. Well, the old school knew, how the energy would fail. After closing 5 businesses, he started crying and promised to work upon things and be ethical. This time, it was hard to reach success, but it was sustained. Earlier it was instant but it did not sustain. This time, it was not instant, but it was sustained.

He got married and his wife was mesmerized by him. Everything appeared so perfect. After a few months, she got to know about his lies. That to keep her calm, he would lie on face without blinking an eyelid. She started losing her mental peace. She would always be thinking that if he was lying or speaking truth. They started fighting and things started escalating. After 22 years of marriage, they divorced. She simply said that I can’t trust him.

Whatever is the area of life, when we take support of truth, we reach to the place we have decided for. If we follow lie, we fall and the road is also never found again because the road itself became a lie. We create an energy of lie and we reach there and we find nothing because everything was a lie. The guidance also comes as a lie.

Follow truth and you will find the road which is truthful and will take you to the destination which is based on truth. Something started with a lie, will always create a path of a lie.

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