Be somebody’s sunshine, not anyone’s darkness.

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Met a girl. She was just 28 years old. She was helping everyone, she was laughing with everyone and she was doing all she can to make anyone smile. It was not to gain some appreciation but it was genuinely to make people smile. When she spoke to me, she had many problems. She had been through pains. I asked her, how did she manage that?

She asked me, if you have two torhces and one’s battery is charged and can give the light and one’s battery is dead, which one would you pick up? Ofcourse, I would choose the one which can give light. What’s the use of the one which is darkness itself.

Exactly, that is the point. We all are like torches. No one wants to take a torch which cannot create light. I decided to be the torch, which can create some light. Yes, when we create that light, the battery is running constantly but that is there even when we do not use the torch. The battery will drain out anyway whether we use it or not. So better we use it properly, so that, it can be used for the purpose for which it has been created. I do not want to be a dead battery. We were taking a walk in the park. And we saw few children playing. Then one looked like everyone’s boss in that group. He was controlling everyone, shouting at everyone, threatening that he would not include them and make a part of the group and will not let them play if they will not listen to him. One child started crying and then they all kicked him out. The child felt so low that we went to him to cheer him up. After this incidence, she shared that she decided that she did not want to be someone’s darkness. She decided to be the light. The little boy had gone into a kind of darkness.

Everyday, we can choose to be someone’s sunshine or we can be a reason’s for someone’s darkness. We need to choose, what do we want. The battery anyway has to drain out.

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