Having faith in God does not mean that you will not face challenges. It means you will sail through everything.

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She went through so much. She had a divorce and for last five years, she was not working. She spent her last few years, taking care of her parents and when they were dead, she did not know what else to do. her children were settled in some foreign country. She shared that she did not know what is God because if God would have been there, she would have sailed through everything. Why was she still alone?

He lost his wife at the age of 45, and he had 3 children to raise. He did not remarry and he did raise them. He said that, if God had been there, he would not have taken mother from three children. He would have a heart to give love to them.

We all have many experiences which question our faith. We wonder, what is God doing. Well, God is taking care of all of us and he is with all of us. In the time of need, he is taking care more, protecting us more, guiding us more. The strength we get to sail through everything, the crown of glory which we wear after that, from where is it coming? There is a source inside us, which can pull in the strength of entire Universe. What is that source? That source is God. That source is the spirit inside us. Which guides us, love us, gives us strength to sail through everything.

Can we sail through everything without him? I guess we just hang in there. We are scared without him. We are powerless without him. BEcause when we have faith, we have hope. That hope gives us the purpose to go through. It gives us a reason to do everything and know that it will be fine. Without having that hpe, we just hang in there. We feel directionless. We do not know where we will go or where we will reach. We do not know if we will be fine.

Challenges will always come. They are a part of our lives. Even God had to face all the challenges when he came here. No one can evade the challenges of life and what’s the fun in having a plain life. But when we have God by our side, we can sail through everything.

Let him guide you, let him be your strength, let him love you. He is always there, take care of each one of us.

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