Give in a way that the person who receives shall feel respected. Never take away the respect in return for what you are giving.


We all ask and we all ask from God. I need this, I want this and sometimes we do not ask, we just pray, and sometimes we have a desire we shall receive and we do not ask. And I have seen, whatever we have asked genuinely, we receive that. (Just that it shall not be against anyone else).

So my two daughters were playing as they had received their Christmas gifts. Now, they both got as per what they had asked and still, they liked each other’s gifts too. So the one who likes colors got colors and she got many colors and was acting pricey when the other one wanted to color. The one who got the guitar was acting pricey when the first one wanted to play guitar. They were promising to give. then turning back and then saying, I will give you after 15 minutes like this. So I told them that if they are sharing, they have to give with respect. They cannot make the other person plead if they are giving. They cannot make the other person compromise. Like when we gave gifts to you, we gave with the statement that you deserve this. I am glad I could share or get you a gift. I am happy to see you happy but now when you are giving, you are giving in the wrong way. It’s no giving.

When I was saying all this, I realized, God also gives us with open arms. He gives and never makes us realize what we had asked for. He simply gives and makes us feel, it was ours and that is the true way of giving. When we give further, we are just passing on like custodians. We shall never hold on to the pride that we are giving as we had also received. We were just custodians never the owners.

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