Having a good thought process is more important than having good clothes.

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So it’s summer time. It’s fruit times. There are lots of fruits and there are few fruits we can look at then, smell them and guess them easily how they are going to be. Few fruits cannot be guessed by a common man. So my vendor sent me a huge water melon and everyone was waiting to eat it. It looked so beautiful and when we cut it open, it was rotten. From outside we could never guess that how it would be from inside.

I wondered if this is how we are. From outside, we look so bright and polished and from inside, if we have a rotten thought process, we become like a rotten watermellon. We are of no use.

So what is a good thought process?

I would say, where it wants to work hard, progress, work honestly, where it cares about people, where it is kind, where it wants to work for the betterment of society and the world. Where it wants to progress itself and help world also progressing. Where it has a compassionate and forgiving nature.

Bad thought process? well deep down we know what a bad thought process can be. Where it does not want to work, or does not want to work honestly or work as per the commitment or does not want to work for the betterment of self and others, where it is impeding others work, it thinks of own benefit even at the cost of others, it is not kind enough, may be jealous or any other negativity, taking benefit of others, always thinking about what bad has happened rather than how things can be made good or may be many more things like that.

Deep down we all know what is good and what is bad. Does not matter how many approvals we get for who we are, deep down we all have that radar.

Why compared with clothes? Well, so many times I have seen people focusing too much on what to wear, how they are looking and for that even fighting with others and making others lives difficult. So focus on what’s inside you, because this is what really matters. Focus on who you really are. Put some sparkling stars on who you are. Clothes change with fashion. But what really matters is who you are. A good thought process never really goes out of fashion.

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