Work on your mental and emotional immunity too. A happy mind will create a healthy body.

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Yes, again it’s the same thing. We are amidst a global pandemic. Everyone is sitting at home for two months. We are losing out on physical wellness and mental wellness. People are losing jobs, reading negative news, businesses are incurring losses, we are losing out on sunlight, we are losing out on immunity which we build by being with each other, we go out less in fresh air so we are unable to feel fresh and so many things are happening in our lives, which have never happened before. Because we are coping up with something which was never told to us before, the stress is increasing. We are sitting at home, which is causing another stress. Everyone is talking about diseases, it’s another stress. WE can see, how people are suffering, it’s another stress. And what’s happening because of that? It’s affecting our physical health too. People feel more brain fog, high BP, diabetes as physical workout also has reduced, falling more sick, feeling more fatigued, headaches and so many things.

We need to start working on our immunity. That includes, mental, physical and emotional. Our thought directly affect our physical body. So if we want to remain health, we need to work on our mental health too. So what shall be done?

Take sunlight and moon light. Stand on the terrace, stand in the balcony, stand ion the corner, do whatever you have to do. Take both sunlight and moonlight.They heal us, balance us, re-energize us.

Do physical workout. Move, run at home, do whatever you have to do.

Eat healthy and more healthy food. Eat herbs, which are good for brain and body.

Read more of positive stuff.

Keep doing something, rather than watching news, or reading negative news. Make some craft, some happy food or something.

Do some fun activity with family, kids.

Write down happy affirmations and healthy affirmations.

Make an effort to be positive and happy.

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