Have the courage to walk alone, otherwise, how would anyone ever find a new direction.

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He is 23 years old. He does not smoke, he does not drink alcohol, he sleeps on time and wakes up early. He has just joined his father’s business, and he has a big vision to grow it. But he is scared. He feels he has no friends. All the people he knew, and he wanted to be friended with, the smoke, they party, they organize video conferences late night. Not to mention, they wake up late in the afternoon, and they demean someone who is not doing that. He wondered if he would be friendless or if he would be a part of the group?

I asked him, what have they achieved? He had already joined business, and he was working on his goals. Not to forget the health problems these late niters will have in the future. I have spoken with so many doctors, most of the diseases are life style diseases. We eat unhealthy, we follow an unhealthy life style like the one mentioned above, we stay away from nature, sunlight and fresh air. Then we cannot expect ourselves to be healthy. Late nights every day, disturbed sleep, disturbs our brain functioning, hormonal balance, disturbs our metabolism and much more. They may not see it right now because the body is young but if we have an unhealthy life style, we eventually will scum to that. Also they are losing the most productive and important part of the day. MORNING!

He did not have to be a part of the herd, but he felt that he was alone and the person who was misguiding everyone had a lot of friends. Fair enough but then, of no one took a new road, how would anyone get to know that which is the right direction? Everyone would keep taking the wrong one.

If we know we are doing right, if we know, we have a vision, if we know, we have honest intentions, we must take the road alone and walk on that. We will find the direction, we will reach there. Once we find the new destination which no one has travelled, then we will find the new followers. Every work on a goal, also demands some sacrifice. We can have anything but not everything. We need to choose that everything.

So wake up, trust yourself, start walking and you will reach there.

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