Thank you, God, and it heals all.

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I believe in God and yes, I have full faith in him. I know, I am never alone. I know, he is taking care of me in every situation. I know he is guiding me and protecting me. He always helps me in choosing the right path. Whenever it’s tough and the terrain is lean, he holds my hand and walks me through it. My heart is full of gratitude for him and I can never feel grateful enough I have realized.

Whenever someone comes to me and sometimes they are in such a bad shape that they tell me, we cannot think of anything, we cannot write anything, they have panic attacks, they are anxious, they are shaking, they are unable to sleep, and then they have no energy during the day. When they are unable to do anything to change their thought process, I simply ask them to do one thing. I ask them to repeat Thank you God in mind all day. Nothing else.

It is therapeutic. It heals all. First, if we are able to do it, it stops the negative thought process. Second thing, it shifts our focus eventually, what all good is there, which also starts healing. Third thing, it also fills our heart with the postivity and restores our faith. It helps us in feeling grateful even for the future otherwise, when we are in a tough situation, we are generally focused on the worst. But when we are repeating thank you, God, we start having a faith that things will be better and miraculously it brings the better picture of life in mind. It gives peace and it brings the energy back. Negative thoughts are killer. Thank you, God, starts healing and brings peace. It has helped people in controlling their anger and guilt because it puts a stop to their negative thought process which was bringing anger. It starts healing the relationship from that perspective too.

It has helped me, it has helped many and it has always healed even the people in the toughest state of mind. It has helped people in solving the toughest puzzles of life. have faith, have gratitude. Thank you God.

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