Growth and contentment come from working hard for what you desire not by feeling bad about what others have achieved.

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She was always jealous of her sister. She was prettier, she had more money, still, she felt jealous of her sister. Her mother always asked her, why are you jealous of her, you have everything. She did not know the reason, but there was one. Her sister was kind and loving and worked hard, and because of that her sister always received more praise. She could not tell to anyone, she was jealous of her sister’s kindness. She always thought that she could not be. She tried a few times but the results do not change in the blink of a time. Whenever she made an effort, everyone compared her with her sister that now, she was also better like her and she gave up out of anger. There came a day, both sisters got married. She got married to a better-looking and richer man. She became further arrogant. Her sister did not have good looks and her parents found an average guy for her. Both husband and wife worked hard, helped everyone, and also, and kept their faith. They had everyone’s blessings and God heard their prayers. Her husband started his own shop and then it expanded and then he had many stores. Now, she had more money than her sister, still, she always tried helping her sister but the first one kept feeling jealous and still did not get it so she had to work hard on creating life.

Yes, we all need contentment and we all need growth. We all want to grow and do better. But it would never happen by feeling bad about what others have. So what shall we do?

  1. Look at what you have, and be grateful. If you want write that.
  2. Look around and help, where ever you can. It is an opportunity to grow further.
  3. Sit and decide what you want in life.
  4. Focus on what you want and work hard for that.
  5. Stay honest and work with honesty.
  6. Give back in whatever way you can.

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