Emotional recovery is important for physical recovery.

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He was suffering from severe back pain. He thought it was because of his excessive travelling. He was having lots of problems with his wife and in office too. He felt he had a huge burden on his back. When he could share his emotions and he felt relieved and saw the problems were solving or let’s say, his perspective changed, he could see, his pain was easing out.

She used to get cough very often. Once the cough would come, it would stay for 2-3 months. She always said she had sensitive throat. But in reality, she used to hold her emotions in throat which used to keep her throat chakra blocked. When she started sharing her emotions, she started feeling better for throat too.

Their only son used to fall sick very often. The child was just 2 years old and was not gaining any weight. They used to have lots of fights and children absorbs all the negativity. It weakens their immune system. Not only children, we also have weak immunity when we are emotionally low. The child’s health improved when their relationship improved.

He was having severe pain in his heels. HE thought since his father passed away, he was spending lots of time in factory and he was always standing. True but there is a hidden fact also. He also developed fear of future as he lost his father at a very young age. He also developed the fear that what if he won’t be able to make it. His pain started easing out, when he started feeling confidence.

Our body is reacting to our emotions. Any kind of negative emotion will block a life flow energy in a particular part of the body. If we really want to release all the health issues, we need to start working on our emotions too. Happier we would be, healthier we would be. So start working on your emotional health along.

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