God resides in love. Find the God inside you and at home.

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It’s like world war III. Everyone at home. No work happening outside. Domestic work is happening because we live there. All the religious places strictly closed. So what’s next?

So where is God? How can you play with someone’s faith? How can you close God’s door for people? Well, Bhagwad Gita says, I am inside you. I am love. More you look for me outside yourself, more you go away for me. So in reality, tough times have brought us closer to reality. God is inside me. God is where I am. God is when I feel love. I feel divine when I feel love.

So when we are at home during these times which I also wonder if we would ever get this time again. Where everyone is at home. I asked God, where are you, he said that even in all this I am inside you. When you feel love, you feel me. I am there in everyone’s heart. The only way to have me is by love.

So love yourself more, love your family more, love everything around you and you will see more and more divinity inside you and around you.

There is no other god than love. If you want to fight darkness, bring in love and everything will start falling into place.

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