It’s time for forgiveness, time for healing.

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Honestly, during this lockdown due to Corona Virus, I really have no time for anything other than keeping the house running, making sure everyone’s routine is managed, making sure, everyone is happy and peaceful. People go awry when things change. I have two elderly, two kids and a cute husband at home. So initially it started with lots of physical labor and now, I am feeling lighter. When I see everyone smiling and getting on with life, I am feeling happy. I realized because now, I have one focus, work, nothing else. There is no time also to think of anything else. So the head is lighter and the energy is lighter too. Nothing is bothering.

When you are at home, work on yourself. let go of what has been bothering you. Forgive everyone who had hurt you ever. There are bigger things to think about.

Start focusing on healing your mind, body, and life. Whenever there is something like this, it is also the result of collective negativity. More positive we would be, more loving we would be, better would be the healing. Healing of your body, healing of the entire world. Let’s support each other in healing. Whatever we focus upon starts growing. So let’s start focusing on healing.

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