Braham Mahurta or early morning, is the time to create yourself. Wake up your own power.

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Braham Mahaurta is the time before sunrise. To be specific, it starts 96 minutes before sunrise and ends 48 minutes before sunrise. Everey mahurta is of 48 minutes. Now, Braham Mahurta is so talked about?

Well, at this time, our Pineal Glad is the most active. Secreting melatonin, which is mood regulating, light sensitive hormone. It also affects serotonin. So more melatonin means happier us, and it also affects reproductive system which mean better health too.

Now, look at it spiritually. Pineal glad is also called the third eye. So it is the most active. So, more intuitive and a better connection with the Universe. It is called a gateway to consciousness. So we are more awake, we awaken ourselves more and more. We start connecting with who we really are more and more.

It is the time of Brahama, who is the creator. That is why it is called as Braham Mahurta. So when we wake up, we are more in tune with our creative abilities. If we start focusing on something or we start creating something in ourlives, this times, our energies are more in alignment with the creation. In simple words we manifest faster.

Now, let’s look at it in a simpler way. The whole world is sleeping or even if we take the difference of day and night, half world is sleeping. So the thought traffic is less or least. Our thoughts have higher probability to match with the Universal frequencies. With higher intuitions, we start connecting faster. Or let’s say, the creator receives our thoughts faster!

We just woke up, so our head is also clearer. And we can think better. A better and clear thought process also means, better creation.

So wake up early and you will be able to wake up your true potential more and more.

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