Love is between two hearts. Let ego don’t come in between.


They had a love marriage. They were staying in a nuclear setup. Everyone thought that let them settle down. No one wanted to interfere. Still, after one year of marriage, they wanted a divorce. Everyone wondered what happened. Their neighbors shared that they were always arguing. You did that or you did not do that. The girl shared that she did not want to take care of the house responsibilities as she was not born for that. He asked her what was she born for. She said that she wanted to enjoy her life. Then he said that then enjoy it, but why was she sitting on his head? Why was he responsible for her upkeep and all the luxuries if she was not responsible for his needs. And they always argued.

I wonder, why people cannot understand that. taking care of household responsibilities is not a demeaning task. It is the division of responsibility. The boy was right here that if she was not responsible for his needs, why should he bother about her needs and desires? The girl was holding the ego that she would not take care of the house responsibilities.

They were married for 32 years and she had been accepting every part of his behavior. When he needed something, he ordered sarcastically. He never asked her with love or said anything with love. After 32 years she asked for a divorce. Their children and family wondered what happened. She told them that there is no place for her in his heart. He just holds an ego that the woman is like a slipper in your foot. She wanted to be loved. He said that he loved her but women have a place and if he would change that, she would sit on his head. Everyone wondered how he held that kind of ego. He did not want to change himself and she left.

Every relationship is created or shall be created with love. It is between two hearts. If we let the go come in between, it would loom over like dark clouds. We need to watch it.

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