Fresh air, sunlight, plants, freshwater, and love are the biggest healers. Follow the cycle of nature.

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We have a term called as Genetics. If my mother has something in her DNA, I will also have that. Because my body is created from her body.

Now, this is the process of nature. And what we forget is our body is made up of Panchbhoot or the five elements of nature. Earth, water, air, fire, and ether. When we are in touch with them, they keep healing us. That’s why, when we take a bath, we feel better. When we sit in the sunlight, we feel better and rejuvenated. When we take a walk in the fresh air, we feel better. When we sit on the ground, we feel better. When we have plants around us, we feel better. These are natural healers and they all heal us and they are healing us. However, to receive that healing, we need to be with them. If we are with them, it keeps healing and if we do not stay with nature, we are losing our natural healers. We stop healing. We stop the natural process of healing. If the nature is changing, be it any virus or bacteria, nature will adjust us accordingly and that is how, people who are in an open environment, have better health. People who are away from nature, will start losing health as we are away from the nature.

Now, why this point is important here.

With the urban life styles, we are mostly in Acs, we are mostly indoors, we keep the doors closed. So there is no direct touch with the sunlight or fresh air or plants or Earth. So our body starts becoming weak, which we do not realize.

So what do we do?

Drink plenty of water. Sit in sunlight. take a walk in the fresh air. Wake up early and open all the doors. Sit on the ground. Spend time with the plants. Be with nature in whatever way you can. And love heals all as it makes us feel better. Treat everyone with love. Do not hold the negative emotions, it weakens our immune system. When we are in the state of love, our body starts healing. Follow that.

Let’s create a happy, healthy, natural world.

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