There is always a new day, new sun, and new energy. The light of humanity will spread again.

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This creation has a law. The law of day and night. It gives us hope for everything. After a day of hardwork, we get time to rest and after a dark night, everyday the sun shines again.

Every day, we see deaths and pain. Maybe I am safe right now, may be my family is safe right now but the humanity is in pain. People are in pain. Where ever we look around, we see people in pain. There have been many dark phases like world wars, partitions, and now this. Humanity survived everything. I cannot say, who survived and who did not. But humanity survived. This is again one of the darkest phases. People are dying like it is an autumn season and the leaves are falling from trees. Every where people are falling down.

I have faith in the humanity and I have faith in the creator. The sun will shine again on humanity. Not only the humanity will thrive but also the humanity inside us will rise again. The humanity with resilience and kindness is rising. It is already rising. people are coming forward to heal each other in whatever way they can.

More and more it is. rising, more and more we are closer to the dawn.

God, please stay with us. God, please help us in sailing through this storm. God let the sun rise. God let the light spread. please protect and heal this Earth.

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