A lot in life will depend on how much you trust yourself and how much faith you have in him.

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Two brothers at the age of 45 started discussing their failures and successes. One was a very successful businessman and one was into a job. Their father was a businessman too. The one who was into the job said, “you were lucky and God was kind to you” The other one felt bad and said, I might be lucky, but I trusted myself. We both got equal opportunities. Then why did you not start a business? The first one simply said, I knew I could not make it. But I feel you could, and I felt I could too. So I did it. I trusted myself and I trusted him, pointing upwards. He is there and always supports the one who is on the right path and is doing the right thing. If I am doing a good thing and not doing anything bad, he will be there with me. And he is there with everyone. We just have to know he is there, supporting us, guiding us, protecting us.

He shared further. Whenever I was taking a big decision, a lot of people including our own father tried stoppong me. Tried putting fear in me. When I wanted to shift to a bigger city, he told me, in many ways how it could harm me. But then I trusted myself and I did not feel scared of the challenges. I knew I would have challenges and I did have. It was not easy to settle down in a new town, but then, I grew up there, and I earned more with more opportunities. I trusted myself and I kept growing.

The first one was listening and said, I knew I could not, may be that was the trust.

And we really cannot argue with that. Yes, often, a lot of things depend on how much we trust ourselves and how much faith we have in him. If we have both, we will surmount all the mountains. If we trust, we can achieve anything. If we do not, we will always look upto others and that will come with their fears and their challenges. We need to know, everyone is blessed with their own unique qualities, and we need to trust that and follow own path with faith. Trust yourself and never be afraid of challenges. Trust him and keep going ahead. You will win and you will stand tall. if you have fallen and you have no strength, trust that you can do it and he is there to lift you up. Trust him and you will rise always.

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