Focus on creating a better future rather than trying to create a better past in mind. It can’t be changed.

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His girlfriend whom he loved a lot broke up with him four years back. She did not want to be with, it was plan and simple. But he was unable to come out of it simply. He was revisiting his time spent with her, finding own mistakes, trying to figure out if he would have acted differently, she might would not have. But the question is did it change the fact that she was with someone else?

Her company fire her as the company was unable to pay salaries in its downtime. She was full of anger and frustration for 3 years. She also could not find another job. She kept asking herself, why she was fired not many others and if she could have worked harder or if she worked so hard, still she was fired.

One couple had a miscarriage and they kept fighting over it for 3 years. They kept blaming each other for the wrong thing they had done during that time.

There are so many incidences where we are stuck in the past. I get so many epople who are into severe depression, anxiety or extreme anger due to something which has happened in the past. But we need to know something here:

  1. Past can never be changed, does not matter how many times we revisit it.
  2. We can never have a better past. It has already happened.
  3. We can only learn from past.
  4. We need to accept the past sometimes simply and find peace with it. We cannot change it.
  5. No need to blame self or anyone else for what has happened. It has happened and may be it was supposed to happen like this. So accept it.

So What can be done?

Again we need to know few more things:

  1. Human mind thinks in images.
  2. Whatever images we have we create the reality from that.
  3. Our current images are the foundation of future we would live.
  4. For our mind there is no difference between past, present and future. For it, they are instructions. Whatever images you are seeing in your mind, it act as an instruction and start creating reality on the basis of that.
  5. When we repeat images of the past, especially which have pain, we create similar future.

So sit and think, what would you like to have. Let go off the past. create images of future and have a progressive thought process. Create space for future. In all the above cases things improved when they changed the focus.

He could find a better partner. The lady conceived again and the lady who was fired, found a job.

Have a happy, healthy and abundant life.

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