Eventually, your own Karma will teach you to be good, to be better and to do the right things.

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One gentleman was lying on the bed. He had paralysis. He called up his son and asked, why do you think I have paralysis? The son bent his head and said, some blood did not reach to your brain. The gentleman said that’s what the doctor said. But will tell you the reality. You have to know this. Few years back I had snatched a piece of land illegally from a widow. She was thinking that she would sell that to take care of her future finances. But because I took the land without paying her, she had to suffer a lot. She cursed me that I would rot in bed and that’s what is happening exactly. Since the time I have this attack, I cannot get rid of her face. I want you to find her, return her this land and also pay her whatever she needs right now. At least I want to die in peace. It took him a while to find her and she was really suffering financially. Her son was also unemployed. The son returned the land apologised and also gave job to her son. The gentleman did not recover from paralysis but he could feel the ease in pain or may be his mental pain was less which reduced his physical pain. He learned his lesson, became better and his son also learned from his father.

Purpose of Karma is not to punish us but to teach us. So till the time we learn our lessons, it will keep coming back.

Eventually, our own karma will make sure we become better, we do the right things and if we do not learn that, things will keep happening.

So do the right things and we know it deep down what are the right things.

Be honest.

Do not take what’s yours.

Serve your parents.

Speak truth.

Serve the society.

Give charity.

Do all your work honestly like you are serving God.

No manipulation.

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