The real power is in mind. Start focusing on having a healthy life and a healthy world.

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Many years back, I learned that the real power is in our mind. If we decide something in our mind, we can create that. Few people around me, who focused on having a moving and healthy body till the last breath had a sudden death or just a few days of illness. It looked sudden but this is how they had seen it in their mind. They were able to manage themselves till the last day of life. The saw it, so they has it.

We are going through times, where everyone is facing the fear of falling sick or dying. Everyone is under the fear. However, with this fear, we are giving more and more power to something which we do not want. I have two pictures in mind. One is given by movies where the world is divided into colonies and people are living like slaves. Or there is a free world where everyone is living a normal and happy life. Children are playing in the park, people are meeting each other, they are going for holidays. We need to decide, what we are focusing upon.

I decide to focus upon a happy, healthy world. Where people are living in harmony and everyone is healthy. They are also keeping the Earth happy and healthy.

So when you wake up everyone, write down, its a happy healthy life and its a happy healthy world, till its end. Lets start creating a better world in our mind and that itself will start changing things.

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