Be ready to let go of what has already left you. Be ready to welcome new.

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His uncle kicked him out of the business wrongfully. His father could not let go of it and after some time he started staying sick. All the more responsibilities came on his shoulder. He tried explaining to his father that let go of everything, we will make new, his health is more important. But the father could not let it go. His father kept blaming himself and his brother for the poor condition of the family. He started working hard with his friend’s father and he joined his construction company. He told his friend’s father, I want to create new. What has happened cannot come back. In a few years, he earned everything back and more than that. His father was still sick and this time, he was holding onto the fraud. He told his father that if he would keep holding onto what has already left, he will be carrying something rotten on his shoulder. Which was spoiling the rest of the life. His father died soon after that. He kept focusing on creating a better life for himself, his family and the world. He helped as many as he could. He once told a small child. To get a new chair, we need to let go of the old seat. If we are attached to the old one, we will never know, how big the new one is.

Yes, to welcome new, we need to let go of the old. We need to create a space for everything. If we keep holding onto what has already gone then we keep the space busy which is needed for the new one. Things go. And we need to let them go from our system and from our energy. We need to start focusing on what’s next. No one can change the past.

So how do we do that?

Let go, let God.

Let God handle instead of deciding the fate of the wrongdoer. Just surrender it to God and move on!

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