Every parent in this world deserves love and respect.

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Met a 50 years old gentleman, who was taking care of some 10 old men and women. It was not a registered NGO or any place arranged professionally. It was his home. I asked him about this and he smiled. He simply said one thing, they are parents. they deserve love and respect. They do not deserve an old age home. They deserve a home.

All the parents have done so much for their children as per their capacity. Just because they are parents, they deserve everything.

I cannot agree more. Being a parent myself, I know, how much we have to do to just make things okay for our children. We need to forget who we are, we need to forget all the things we really want to do, no sleep, no going out, and whether sick or not, we need to keep doing. My kids fall sick and somewhere I feel we have no right to fall sick. If we fall sick, we have to continue doing what we do all day, so no rest. My 4 years old asked me once, mommy, you never fall sick? Have you ever fallen sick, I have never seen you sick. And I know, all the mothers have done that. All the fathers have done that. They have worked hard day and night to make sure the family is comfortable. Everyone is well-fed. Everyone gets a new dress when they want to. That kids get their schools and activities and holidays. Both parents are doing everything they can for their children.

All the parents in the world deserve love and respect. And yes I believe that too. We cannot give them anything else. They have already given us so much and everything.

Please go and love your parents. please make them smile. They brought you toys, even they were a wastage of money because you used them only to play and then broke them. Your parents have different needs and do not see them as a wastage of money. If it can bring them a smile, it’s worth.

Give a happy old age to your parents. They are not a burden. They are a blessing. They are your supporting hand. They are your guiding hand.

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