You are not the one who is doing something. Be happy, when you realize that it’s being done through you. Set your intentions.

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A lady who looked very calm, down to earth, having faith in God shared her experience. She shared that I look great right now, but I was not this great a few years back. She shared that, her father in law and mother in law were living with her a few years back. She served them well and one day, she felt, she was doing a lot. That was the time her downfall started. So she started misbehaving with them like she was obliging by doing something. Then one day, they went away for one month. They said one month but in reality, they had gone much longer. They were hurt. In a few days, she saw losses in her husband’s business and the support staff also was never stable after that. She realized that she was being helped to help them. She cried silently, she prayed. And after 2 months they came back. She served them well with gratitude and she always kept setting her intentions that they are happy and always served well.

One gentleman shared his experience. he always goes to a temple every morning before starting his work. So he would give some money to a beggar lady there. One day he started feeling, he was always giving her. So the next day, he did not find her. For a few days, he felt relief. But then he started feeling, he was able to do a good thing through her. But as he felt it as a burden, it stopped happening. So he was just being a channel to help her, he was not actually doing something. He sought forgiveness within his heart and cried silently for such small thoughts. After 3 days, he saw her again and she shared that she had gone to her village. He wondered at the timings.

We are no one to do anything for anyone. All is done by him. With our right intentions, we just become a channel.

So always serve with love.

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