Every form of abundance comes with a positive mind and a heart full of love.

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One gentleman shared that his business grew up by leaps and bounds after his daughter was born. His daughter is very lucky. another one shared that his wife is very lucky for him. He was promoted when he first met her and since then he has been growing always. A lady shared that she started growing in her job after her child was born. She thought that her child would kind of end the career but it was the opposite. HEr career took a positive turn after that.

Similar kind of comments we have heard from so many people. And they are true. I always wondered why things changed. Yes the children are the biggest blessing of God. Yes they are our lucky charms. But there has to be more to it.

So I started asking, how much do they love their children, and they shared things like it was the happiest moment of my life. Whenever I am sad, all i have to do is look at my child. My child holds the key to my heart. I can never say no to my child.

It made me realize that the key is love. When the child is born our heart is filled up with love. That love opens up the channels for everything. If we are not in a state of love, we keep blocking our own path. Whatever is the reason, once we reach to a state of love, we become a magnet for all the good things. Wouldn’t we want to be with the people who are positive and happy and loving. Would we want to be with the people who are always negative and stressed. We may want to help someone in stress but how long we would want to be with them. This entire Univer is an energy system. Energy can sense energy. So whatever is our energy, we become a magnet accordingly.

Stay positive and stay loving. Life will keep getting better.

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