Karma! I wonder when we know it, why do we do it?

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Before pointing fingers at someone else, let me share how I learned my biggest lesson. !5 years back, I was working with a big company. When I resigned and the HR guy was calculating my dues. When he was calculating, he over-calculated and I knew what was happening. I did not correct it. After few months, I had to work in a small company, I worked hard, I travelled long distance everyday to office and after two months, they did not pay my salary. They held back little more than what I had received in wrong calculation. It was painful. But I learned my lesson. After that, I do not keep anyone’s even 10rs because I learned we cannot keep anyone’s money. It’s not even money, it’s everything. Whatever we are giving, we receive back. Simple.

One gentleman had paralysis and he was bed ridden in his last few years. He could not eat anything properly. One day he called up his two sons and told them that he acquired many lands illegally and he knew many farmers also suffered and he is paying back for that. Please never keep what’s not yours. So his son asked, did you know this law of karma at that time or not? He started crying more and said that yes he knew. His mother tried stopping him also but he never listened to her.

When his wife was dying of cancer, he did not care for her. He did not do anything. He in fact left her saying it’s beyond me. He sent her to her mother’s place. He stepped back from his Karma. At the age of 78, cancer struck him too. His children were taking care of him but no medicine worked. He was in tremendous pain in last few months. He had help but it did not help.

Karma always comes back.

Do good, think good and help as much as you can. Do your Karma and follow the good path.

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