Desire to have a future your way sows the seeds of unwanted. Surrender and focus on the karma now.

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He was an honest man and then one day he met his friend from school. They had started together with similar financial backgrounds. However, he himself lived in a small two-bedroom apartment at the age of 38 but his friend had made a big house and had all the abundance of life. He asked his friend the reason and he shared that if they had to make it big, then they had to do a few things which were not good. He came back and kept thinking about it. He really wanted a lot of money and that is not bad. But the course he chose to get that and to create a desired future was bad. He colluded with his friend and started doing a few things which he would not have done otherwise. He started making big money and then he got everything he wanted.

However, after 5 years, he realized he was losing his mental peace, his wife was diagnosed with cancer, and he wondered where had he landed. He wondered if it was because of what all he had done. He talked to his friend and his friend said he was happy. But he found out that his friend’s wife could not conceive and had four miscarriages. He wondered if everyone was paying the cost of doing something which they should not have.

And the answer is yes.

There is nothing wrong to have desires. There is nothing wrong to keep an eye on the future. But to focus just on that and dissolve the line of right and wrong, it is not good. What we are doing right now, our Karma is the biggest. If we start making the decisions just by keeping our eye on the future, it definitely starts something which will be unwanted in the future. We can get everything and we will get everything and for that we do not have to choose the wrong things. We can work hard by keeping our eye on the future. If it compromises our karma right now, it would not be worth receiving it.

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