His love for me is more than my love for me. Faith brings everything together with love.

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Sometimes, I feel I am so selfish that I love him, and maybe I love him because I need him. My faith increases when I needed him and he is there. But then I wonder what did he need from me? Nothing. He just wanted to be there. He just wanted to see me smile. He just loves me and then I realize that his love for me is greater than my love for him. He simply loves me and does not ask anything in return. He wants nothing but my well being. He protected me from external harms and also from internal harms. The harms which I have caused myself.

Thank you, God, for being there. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for taking care of my loved ones. Thank you for protecting me from all the harm. Thank you for protecting my loved ones. Thank you for always bringing me back on the right track. Thank you for letting me be a part of your faith. Thank you for being my abundance. Thank you for watching over me when I got astrayed. thank you for making an effort for me. Thank you for being my strength in the tough times and thank you for being my guide in the easy times. I guess that is also equally important. Faith is not difficult in tough times. We need it more as a guidance when its an easy time. Thank you for being all that.

Thank you for making my life a happy place. Thank you for making my life beautiful with your blessings and guidance. Thank you for being my guru. thank you for holding my hand. Thank you for keeping everything together. Thank you for becoming my words. Thank you for all the love which you have blessed upon me. Thank you!

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