Be kind, be honest. You will respect yourself for who you are.

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He slipped into depression at the age of 56. He said one thing, no one respects me. My wife, my kids, and servants. Everyone has their own life and no one cares for me. I am sure everyone has his own life as his children were around 30. But why they do not respect you? He was ashamed of sharing. He was lying on the sofa all day. I asked him, why are you not working? I do not need money. Sometimes, we need to work to gain our own respect rather than money. He was feeling bad that he was not contributing. But what are you doing with your time? He hadn’t thought of that. He decided to make use of himself and started helping in the house. Then he started teaching small children of the domestic servants and very soon he was teaching many children. People around started to know him and respect him and his family also started respecting him. He was no longer frustrated. His one act of kindness earned him the respect he was looking for. But before anyone else started respecting him, he was able to respect himself more. He did not feel frustrated anymore. He was still not earning but he was being kind.

One gentleman wanted to commit suicide. He was caught red-handed in his office when he was stealing money. Everyone trusted him a lot and he became greedy when the size of the transactions increased. He could not tolerate the humiliation. He thought that now, no one would respect him. However, he wanted to be there for his family. His lesson in honesty started. he went to the old boss and asked for the chance again. This time, he worked very honestly. Slowly, his hard work and honesty, made him respect himself more and everyone else also started respecting him more.

Be honest, be kind. You will respect yourself more and then everyone around also will respect you more. No one respects cruel or dishonest people. We do not address Kamsa or Ravana with respect. However, Krishna and Ram are worshipped because they were kind and honest. Acts of kindness and honesty make us heroes.

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