Trust your source, God is the source.

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When he was 17, he lost his father. He had to work hard to make it in life. He got married to a girl, who was always standing by her side. He was blessed with two beautiful children. But then, one day, he saw his young friend dying due to Covid. Many young people died at that time and it had been a very testing time for those families. He supported his children as much as he could, but he saw their hardships. He knew, how much he had been through when his own father had died. He started developing a fear that what if something happens to him? How would his family survive? He started losing health also due to that anxiety. He had to take medical help as he had reached a stage where his hands would shiver if he was holding anything. The doctor told him to trust God and he said that he did. But if he trusted God, why did he develop that anxiety?

The doctor asked him, who managed him when he was seventeen and he said that he had to go through a lot of hardships. After that, is he better or worse? In the longer run, he accepted he was better. It was God’s way of guiding him. Though nothing should happen to him still, his children also will be taken care of. It does not mean, he stops taking care of them or he stops fulfilling his own responsibility. He has to do it. But he needs to release that anxiety. God is the source and we need to trust the source that this source is the source of everything.

We all need to do our karma honestly and then know that we are just a channel. God is the source of everything.

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