Heal your wounds. Do not leave the wounds unattended. Whether it’s physical or emotional.

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After 30 years of marriage, they were still fighting about the problems they faced when they got married. They were in a joint family set up for the initial five years. She had to face a lot of adjustment issues and she felt that her husband did not take a stand for her where he should have taken. They never sat down to solve them. She accused him and he defended himself and accused her back. Things never got solved and it always haunted their relationship. Though they made an effort to be normal to each other they could not. So many times, she felt that she should walk out but all the responsibilities held her back.

He was walking and he felt that something scratched his heel. He did not bother thinking it was something very small. Well, it was but it was a poisonous insect. After one hour when he reached home, his feet were badly swollen and he could barely walk. He immediately rushed to the doctor and the doctor told him that it was a common insect in that area. If he would have come, 15 minutes late, they would have cut his leg. He ignored the pain and he ignored the bite. Still, he could save himself because he attended.

Any injury unattended, which we leave behind thinking will solve on its own will create problems. We need to attend to them. The emotional ones too because they are not visible. We do not realize, how deep sometimes they can be. But they keep hurting us forever or till the time they are not solved. Before they create their roots it’s better to solve them rather than leaving them unattended.

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