What’s the point of learning so much and becoming big if we can’t get the basics of life right. Do good and be good.

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So many times I wonder why are we here. For Karma? But then what is the purpose of this Karmic cycle? But then people who have no bad karma like Ram or Krishan or maybe a few more world leaders? Maybe they were born to guide us. Guide us for what? They are called masters and masters are here to teach. So it’s about learning. Then what are we learning? We are learning about life and we are learning about self. If I look at anyone’s life closely, I can see with various experiences we learn. What do we take from here, what we have learned? What do we bring here? What we had learned. It’s the wisdom. So the purpose of this whole show is learning. What is enlightenment? This is learning about self. Whom do we respect more, who have learned. But again then what are we learning throughout our lives?

Same life lessons again and again in depth. What’s a basic life lesson? Live with love. Live with honesty. be grateful. Do your work honestly. help others. Basically, be good and do good. No point in doing many things and not getting the basics right.

Saw a gentleman, who had earned a lot of money and he was actually following everything. He had traveled a journey. But then his wife did not. She did not treat the servants right, she was rude to everyone. She would try to pay less to people who were selling small things to her. It sounds like a common thing. And one day, his business was hit hard. The time comes and goes. But no one was ready to help his wife at home. Everyone was telling her the same thing. They were maintaining distance from her. She wondered what bad she had done in life. The moment she asked the question, she started realizing. She forgot to live with love, gratitude, and honesty.

Life happens to everyone and good times and bad times are a reminder of these basic things only. I would say the basic thing about everything is to be good and do good and you will sail through everything. When you are high it will hold you tight and when you are low it will keep you strong.

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