We can never grow without being grateful. A tree with week roots can never grow tall.

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A gentleman called up to talk about his son. He had a very big business and he was earning abundantly. However, he felt that he was failing on the family front. His only son was always spending more money and was asking for more money. His son did not like to work at the factory and said that he had more time. He wondered what to do? I asked him, why he wanted his son to work and not enjoy life. (He needs to know so that he can explain that to his son as well. If he does not know the reason, his son would never listen to what he has to say. Because for his son, he was having more fun while spending money.) He did not know. Then why would a person choose an experience which has no fun, when he is having great fun right now?

At that time I was working on my plants in my balcony and I have a habit of putting fruits seeds in the pots. Many of them sprout and many of them do not. So few have deep roots and they could no longer be uprooted by any storm. But few were very week, even though they looked a little tall and when there was a little run, they got flushed out.

I asked him, if he was worried about the future and why he was worried. So now, he was thinking and said that, life will come with various challenges and his son shall be ready to face those. But with this kind of lifestyle, he would never be prepared. he would be uprooted with any storm. So he wanted his son to develop roots. And he agreed.

What can give us roots?

Something which lays the foundation for everything. And I realized that gratitude builds our foundation. Gratitude helps us in realizing, what’s there. What’s being done for us. It helps us in staying grounded. It gives us the strength to fight everything and every storm in life.

So how would he train his son on gratitude? By being grateful himself. He started writing thank yous everywhere. He started expressing his gratitude to his son. He started expressing, how grateful he was for everything. In a few months, his son also started picking up on same. One day, when he could not goto office, his son, himself stepped up and said, after all, this business was nourishing everything and it needs to be taken care of.

Be grateful for what you have and what’s being done. Train your children also on same.

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