Help people in healing them, not breaking them.

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We all go through bad experiences in life and we all have created a mess. But somehow, we find it fun when someone else is in pain. Someone slips and people laugh. Someone makes a mistake and people taunt at him. Someone has done some mistake and he is held accountable for it for the entire life. I wonder why? Why can’t we help people in healing? Why do we make things more difficult for them? I remember when I was going through my tough times and how it became more difficult and painful for me because of some people surrounding me. And how it became easy for me because of some. At that time, I decided which side I want to choose.

But then the question is, how do we help people in healing?

It’s simple, when we say something to someone, we already know the affect. We know it if it would hurt or it would make things better. Second thing listening. And third thing, if we cannot do anything, then just keep quiet. But believe me being there with love is the maximum we can do and that is all which is required.

How can we be there with love?

Do not judge.

Say words of love.

Do not comment.

Put yourself in other’s place and think that how would you feel and what would you want to hear. It is like develop empathy. Infact, train yourself from the past situations you have been through on empathy.

Empathy training of the society is must for all generations. It is not about Karma. Someone is already going through the tough times, do not make it further difficult. Make it better for them. Help them in healing. Remember, love heals all.

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